Coco Charms Bag

If you could only choose 1 bag from the Cruise 2021 Collection, which bag would that be? I would choose the Ch@nel Coco Charms Bag.

From all the pretty bags, why would I choose this one?

The answer is simple. This Charm Bag looks exactly like the Valentine Bag, but without the Valentine decoration.

So no red, pink or heart-charms, but designed with classic details so you can wear it all day long.

Just like the Classic Flap Bag, this latest charm bag is featured with the same iconic elements like the diamond quilting, the CC logo and woven chain strap. However, the most beautiful part is the extra charms that are attached to the strap.

The charms include the house’s logo, the no. 5, Camellia flowers and many more. Each charm has its own characteristics, for example the Camellia Flower comes with a pearl, the signature logos are crafted with shimmering stones and the no.5 is embellished in woven leather chain style. Isn’t this bag fabulous?

Take a good look at this bag and think again. Knowing that this bag is a limited edition piece, I would even put all other iconic bags like the Gabrielle Bag or the Boy Bag on hold. We can always buy those iconic pieces, but this one… we might never have another opportunity to.

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